Frightmare Farms Haunted Scream Park

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“Amazing!!! Another year we were NOT disappointed! Scary fun!! See you next year!”
whitaker journal

Shawn H - First time visit tonight under the beautiful full moon and I was beyond impressed. The actors were fantastic and the scare tactics were spot on. My friends kids were with us and from the time we left the car lot they were looking over their shoulder. Thanks for a GREAT night

Honey Marie G - We've been twice. Awesome both times! Highly recommend this to people who like a good scare. And the staff are into it and fantastic from the ticket booth to the characters! Great all around!

Melissa A - Such an amazing place and awesome people. 100000/10 absolutely love it

Carrie A. Snyder - My family had a great time last night! Actors were amazing. And a big shout out to Xavier (one of the actors), who spotted my autistic child having a hard time & offered her a sensory bucket. She was so thankful and happy for your kind gesture- as were the rest of us. People like you are hard to find.

Bill C - The wife and I decided to check out your place for the first time. I have always wanted to go, but with kids and money we never made it out, until last night. My bday is right around the corner and the night just happened to work out for us, so my wife surprised me with an all three attractions ticket. Let me say that place is amazing, no wonder it receives awards every year. Will try and go back every year from now on. TWO THUMBS UP!!

Margaret F - Best haunted attraction in CNY. Great prices. Friendly staff. Even waiting in line is fun. This was the best year yet - LOVE how they change the attractions each year. So happy to see a small business growing each year. I even jumped a few times this year. Thanks Frightmare Farms, for providing a great family night out at a great price.


That’s really all I need to say about Frightmare Farms. It’s that awesome. We actually went twice this year, and both times were great. They’ve actually changed things up from a few weeks ago, so you get some all-new, more intense scares.

They have everything in this haunt. First of all, it’s huge. It seemingly never ends. Secondly, their attention to detail is unparalleled around here. You can tell they spent a ton of time creating this haunted house.

The scares are great, with lots of surprises and in your face jumps. And they have a LOT of actors, no dull moments throughout the entire place. You can be followed by a ghoul only to step right in front of a deranged miner swinging a pick axe at you! Everyone working there seems really into giving people the best scare. My girlfriend was terrified the whole time.

Sarah A —The best I’ve ever been to, hands down! Great job Frightmare Team!

Brenda G — Syracuse’s #1 attraction!!! Year after year it’s get scarier!

Megan B —So well put together ! You can tell how much time and effort went into it and we had a great time all the way from the ticket line to the bonfire at the end. Definitely worth it to pay for the VIP pass on a busy night , we got right through with no problems. Already looking forward to coming back next year !

Jessica V — This place is absolutely amazing!!! The acting and sets are brilliant! I would recommend this to everyone! Can’t wait to go back!!

Stacy S — This is the best haunted house I have ever been to. I brought my 14yr old daughter for her birthday and they delivered big time. She had a blast! Thank you so much. We will be coming back next year!!!

Joe S — So my wife and I went here last night it was our first time. Everyone who was supposed to be nice was and the scares were scary. The best haunted I house I have been to. Loved the headless horsemen.

Anonymous — I am a self proclaimed haunted house addicted and this one satisfied my addiction! By far the best in this area! These people know what they are doing – magnificent sound and lightning, amazing actors, sets look like they are out of a movie! I would love to give a play by play but you HAVE TO see for yourself!

I will say this: Disney style customer service including parking, tickets, and concessions. Even though it was freezing everyone had a smile on their face. Another cool feature was the director was clearly visible from the start as she buzzed around attending to every aspect. She stopped dead in her tracks to ask how our experience was and answered some of our questions. Very cool!

Don’t miss this place!

Thomas K — It’s great!! I would highly recommend you put this at the top of your list for haunted houses or trails this year the last two years they were the best in the area

Bev M — Went on the candle light tour, but I can not wait till I can have the “Full Package” scare. Next time no candle holders with me!!!!! LOL Great time, and great memories to be had. Worth the cost ! Everyone should go at least 2 or 3 times so you can see what you closed your eyes too the first time through.

Anonymous — Great Haunt. The entertainment starts as soon as you arrive, with a brief description of the tale. Nice decorations while waiting to enter. The price was decent. Great detail inside the house! The actors were also very good. A few really good twists inside. Highly recommend checking this place out.

Anonymous — Went with my 8 and 9 year old. My 8 year old had a “candle” which was a cue for the creepies to tone it down a bit. The staff was excellent, the decorations also. I cannot understate how impressed I was with this place. Someone else said it was Disney quality in terms of customer service and attention to detail – I agree!

Pimjai C — We visited Frightmare farms with the group of 26 people. Rick was very accommodating to open on Monday for us. This is absolute great experience and everybody were talking about it the whole way back to Cortland and the next day. Thank you so much!!!!!

Anonymous — Thank you so much for a great/scary time! I am still having nightmares! We drove all the way from Binghamton and so glad that we did! Wish I could go again but will be back next year for sure!

Anonymous — This place was awesome! Most professional haunted house I have ever seen!

Joey — Drove from Buffalo just to check this place out, waited in what seemed like a never ending line that actually moved really quickly and then came the best time I have had in a long time! Everything was so creative and the effects were really great. The actors are definitely professionally trained! Highly recommend this place!

Danielle C — We came… we screamed… we laughed… we cried… we wet our pants a little…. all in good funMore twists and turns than I ever expected and the actors were so professional. What a top-notch experience– I will definitely be dragging more friends out next year!

Anonymous — If you want your fill of scares, this is the place. It was well worth it from start to finish.

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